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From a traditional recipe that dates back to Greece in the early 1800s, Macedon Distillery has blended the unity of cultures in the mountains of Regional Victoria to create our authentic spirits. 


Try one of each of our signature spirits with our triple pack.





A nod to traditional Ouzo and a desire to shake up the status quo in the small-batch spirit industry have combined to create the recipe that has garnered multiple “Gold” and “Best in Class” awards for Anison. Named after the ancient Greek word for ‘anise’, taste the crispiness of aniseed with a hint of Mediterranean herbs. Simply enjoy it on ice or add it to your next cocktail.


Limited Edition Anison

Limited Edition Anison still brings the lively anise flavour that you love in a quality Ouzo, the difference? This batch is triple distilled creating a gorgeous soft finish, and our secret botanicals offer hints of smooth vanilla. A true “special occasion” spirit!

This triple-distilled anise spirit has a slightly higher ABV at 43%. Described as 'crisp' and 'fresh' in character, it has been made with extra love and passion. We hope that it sits at the centre of your next event and creates an atmosphere of fun, laughter, and deep connection among your family and friends. Sit back, relax, and enjoy it simply over ice! Yia Mas.



This traditional Greek recipe breathes new life here in the mountains of Regional Victoria. Macedon Distillery has blended the unity of cultures and created our mastic spirit.

An exciting liqueur that is rare to find on the Australian spirit market yet coveted like gold in the Mediterranean and Middle East. It is sourced from the Mastic tree, found only on the island of Chios. The tree is said to “shed tears of resin”, the key ingredient. This resin is widely used for medicinal purposes in Middle Eastern cuisine and is said to hold a variety of health benefits. The flavour can’t be compared to anything else—it’s uniquely Mastiha! You can expect notes of cedar, vanilla, tea and eucalypt.

Simply enjoy it chilled or add it to your next cocktail.

Triple Pack - Anison, Mastiha + Limited Edition

  • 500mL

    x 2 bottles

    40% alc/vol (Anison)

    43% alc/vol (Limited Edition)

    Hand Crafted Anise Spirit

    Grape Based Small Batch 

    Glass Bottle With Wooden Cork 

    Eco Cardboard Packaging 

  • We offer a $15 flat rate shipping Australia wide. Free shipping for orders over $140.

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