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The life and soul of the Mediterranean are family, friends and hospitality, and Macedon Distillery lives by this rich tradition.

We are Jim and Eleni.
Both of us come from second-generation Greek families that migrated to Australia in the early 1960s from southern Greece, where distillation had been ingrained in family tradition since the early 1800s.
Macedon Distillery, Small Batch, Hand Crafted Greek Anise Spirit, Ouzo, Distilled and Bottled, Macedon Ranges


Distilling is in our blood. It’s not just a hobby or a job; it’s a way of life. Having learned the craft from an early age, both of us understand that a foundation of premium ingredients is essential. We use the highest-quality grape-based spirits as the foundation for all our recipes, a neutral, pure base on which we build flavour.
Then, it’s over to the combination and balance of botanicals. The multi-award-winning Anison, our ode to traditional Ouzo, is sweet, spiced, and pure. Devotees of the Ouzo spirit and culture will find all the hallmark botanical flavours and a few unique notes of our own.
Mastiha, our latest addition, is an exciting spirit that is rare to find on the Australian spirit market yet is coveted like gold in the Mediterranean and Middle East. It is sourced from the Mastic tree, found only on the island of Chios. The tree is said to “shed tears of resin”, the key ingredient. The flavour can’t be compared to anything else—it’s uniquely Mastiha!
All of our spirits have been crafted with balance and clarity in mind, made to be sipped straight, with ice or as a flavoursome cocktail base.


Food, family, and the spirit of “philotimo”—a Greek concept with no direct English translation but embodies a zest for life and selfless nature of giving and hospitality to all.

There’s no need for an excuse to celebrate, when friends and family gather, good food inevitably follows.

And where there’s good food and company, good spirits are a must!

Growing up in Melbourne and residing in the Macedon Ranges, it's evident that Greeks aren't the only ones who cherish hospitality. It's ingrained in the DNA of every proud Melburnian. The love for food, spirits, and entertainment transcends cultural boundaries, making it the perfect home base for our distillery.

Macedon Distillery, Small Batch, Hand Crafted Greek Anise Spirit, Ouzo, Distilled and Bottled, Macedon Ranges
The Macedon Distillery logo is no accident; it is another nod to tradition, our love of Greek mythology and our celebration of women in the spirit industry – The logo is the Greek goddess Methe, who was a partner, companion, and mother.

We connected to Methe for what she represented: celebrating with no inhibitions and expressing herself with no limits! She was not afraid to be true to herself and ensure that no one ever stifled her.
We celebrate the fact that women are influential in all elements of distilling, from the moment the grape (Methe was the mother of Staphylos - the grape carrier) is pressed to the moment the spirit touches the drinkers' lips.
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